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Having a secure home isn’t all due to a high-end security system. Although it helps, there are many simple, inexpensive ways to protect your central Florida home. In this blog, we are going to go over six of them.

Keep Doors and Windows Locked

This seems like a no-brainer for some, but locking your doors and windows is something that can be easily forgotten, and burglars take advantage of that. Most burglaries happen between 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., and they are typically completed within 8-10 minutes. Why do most burglaries occur during the daytime? Because that’s when most people are gone. Now, with the pandemic and more people working from home, this has changed, but we love the saying, “better safe than sorry.” Thieves are looking for easy-access...

Smart Lock.png

Security Dzign is dedicated to providing the Central Florida area with quality and reliable interactive security systems. Besides the obvious, why would you want to have an interactive security system installed in your home? In this blog, we are going to talk about five reasons why homeowners should get an interactive security system.

Interactive security systems can deter criminal activity

Just the presence of having security cameras protecting your property will deter potential criminals from disrupting your household. Having a smart lock on your door and windows only adds to that deterrent because breaking into those access points is only more difficult. Smart door locks allow you to get notifications when someone approaches your house, as well as being...


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