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5 Reasons Homeowners Need An Interactive Security System

Security Dzign is dedicated to providing the Central Florida area with quality and reliable interactive security systems. Besides the obvious, why would you want to have an interactive security system installed in your home? In this blog, we are going to talk about five reasons why homeowners should get an interactive security system.

Interactive security systems can deter criminal activity

Just the presence of having security cameras protecting your property will deter potential criminals from disrupting your household. Having a smart lock on your door and windows only adds to that deterrent because breaking into those access points is only more difficult. Smart door locks allow you to get notifications when someone approaches your house, as well as being able to unlock and lock your door remotely with a smart device. The cameras that we install provide crystal clear imagery with the potential to have facial recognition technology.

Interactive security systems allow remote viewing/access to your house

With an interactive security system, you are able to control the core function of your security system from anywhere. This will enable you to let family members into your home without you being there. Additionally, you will be immediately notified on your mobile device if someone potentially breaks into your home. This allows you to know that something is happening right away, allowing you to take the necessary actions required.

Interactive security systems lower homeowner’s and renter’s insurance

If you get an interactive security system, naturally, you are at a lower risk of having a theft or burglary. It is common for insurance companies to lower your homeowners’ insurance rates because of this decreased risk of incurring a loss. Lower insurance rates are particularly enticing for recent homeowners who are looking to cut back on insurance costs.

Interactive security systems can notify you of a gas or fire problem

Many interactive security systems have built-in fire and carbon monoxide detection. If the alarm sensors detect a problem, the system will alert the central monitoring system while also sending out an audible alarm to anyone in the home. Additionally, our systems will notify you if there is a detection of smoke or carbon dioxide.

You are able to control the lighting and have climate control

With an interactive security system, you are able to not only control lighting throughout your home but you can also change the temperature in your house. Use this for security purposes as you can turn lights on remotely, making potential threats think that somebody is home. Plus, the convenience of being able to turn your lights on and off and control your HVAC system remotely is unbeatable.

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